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Phil Contardo

Philip was born and raised in Thunder Bay. Growing up he loved watching the classic swashbuckling movies of Hollywood staring Errol Flynn and Stewart Granger which lead to his love of fencing from a young age.  Unfortunately there was no fencing school in Thunder Bay at that time and he studied the Martial Arts instead. Upon attending the University of Western Ontario Philip finally got his chance to take up the sword where he joined the Varsity Fencing team and studied all three fencing weapons foil, epee and saber. He represented his school in completion against such other Universities as Princeton, Carlton and U of T where he won several metals in the process.  Upon finishing his studies at Western he returned to Thunder Bay and in order to continue his passion of fencing opened Superior Fencing Academy in October of 1996.  Over the years Philip has trained hundreds of studies in the art of Fencing and is still committed to the sport and his students to this day.

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