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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Fence?

Fencing is an individual combat sport that involves both physical and psychological aspects. Physically, the sport trains cardiovascular fitness, agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination. Fencers must learn to develop an awareness of how their body moves and positioning to tactically coordinate their actions. They must lean to exercises patience and self control to time their actions based on many presenting factors. Psychologically, fencers must learn to regulate their emotion and concentration within the high intensity environment that a combat sport provides. To improve, fencers must develop self discipline of both their body and mind.


Is fencing safe?

Fencing, if done properly, is a safe sport. Fencers wear protective equipment and the feeling of getting hit feels like little more than pressure. The force is generally absorbed through the flex that exists within the blades.


Is there a minimum age to start fencing?

Yes, at Superior Fencing Academy the youngest fencer we allow in the beginner youth class is 8 years old. This age is based on our experience for the required level of maturity to follow direction, have awareness of the safety involved in the sport, and be able to manage group drills.


Do I need to purchase my own fencing equipment?

The fencing club has equipment that can be used by people starting fencing for the first time. It is recommended that after a few months of fencing, if you plan to continue the sport, to invest in a starting set of equipment. For more information if you are interested in purchasing equipment, speak with one of the coaches.


What should I wear to practice?

For the youth class or anyone under the age of 18, some form of pants or fencing breeches are required. For adults, pants or fencing breeches is strongly recommended and use of shorts is at your own risk.


Which weapons are taught at Superior Fencing Academy?

There are 3 weapons in the sport of fencing: foil, sabre and epee. All new fencers begin using a foil to develop the basics of the sport. The club otherwise is primarily teaching foil and saber.

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