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General Club Code of Conduct

All members of Superior Fencing Academy are expected to follow club rules and to promote a safe and supportive learning environment for the sport of fencing.

Fencing is a sport of etiquette and all fencers are expected to be respectful to one another and to the rules of the sport. Fencers are always expected to properly salute their opponents, shake hands, and be supportive of the learning of their clubmates.


Superior Fencing Academy has a zero tolerance policy for any physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Fencers will not speak poorly of, abuse, or harass another fencer, parent, official or spectator. Any witnessed or suspected abuse of any type should be reported to a coach immediately.

Safety is of the highest importance at Superior Fencing Academy. Please check your equipment regularly for defects in gloves, masks, uniforms and blades. Never aim your weapon towards or conduct drills with people who are not wearing appropriate protection. If any fencer has concerns about their safety, the safety of any equipment they are using, or believe they are injured, they should cease participating in the practice and inform a club coach immediately.


Please show up promptly for practices. If you are late for any reason, please join the practice with the minimum of fuss and disruption. If you know you will miss a practice or lesson in advance, please try to give your coach at least 24 hours notice.

Thunder Bay can have intense amounts of snow in the winter. For safety, Superior Fencing Academy reserves the right to cancel a fencing class in the event of weather without the guarantee of rescheduling. In the event classes are running but the individual or parent feels they cannot attend practice safely due to weather, please prioritize safety.


When differences of opinions arise, fencers are expected to resolve such differences quickly, quietly and with an eye towards finding a solution that satisfies both parties. If this is not possible, fencers are expected to find a member of coaching staff to resolve any disputes. In the event of a dispute at practice, the present coach and/or club manager decision shall be final in all disputes and disciplinary matters.

Liability Insurance

For the purposes of liability insurance, Superior Fencing Academy requires that all members of the club are registered with the Ontario Fencing Association. The club registers its fencers with the Ontario Fencing Association annually and the cost of this is included in club fees. In registering to be a member of Superior Fencing Academy, the fencer or their parent/guardian, consents to the fencer being registered with the Ontario Fencing Association which includes sharing of personal information collected on the club registration form.

Equipment Rules

1. All fencers are required to wear appropriate safety equipment when fencing without exception. Fencers not appropriately dressed will not be allowed to fence.

2. For all fencers under the age of 18, any type of exercise appropriate pant or fencing breeches are mandatory for all fencing classes to reduce risk of injury. Youth fencers wearing shorts will not be allowed to participate in bladework drills or free fencing. It is strongly recommended for adults to wear pants and wearing shorts or other inappropriate clothing is at your own risk.

3. It is mandatory for female fencers of all ages to wear a hard chest protector under their fencing gear. The fencing club will have some in stock for use by individuals as needed or by those who don’t have their own equipment. As these are individually measured, it is strongly recommended to purchase your own which can be done from any fencing gear distributor. Some options are linked below. It is strongly recommended for youth boys to obtain a chest protector as well however this is not mandatory. (Canadian company) (Canadian company) (American company)


4. Underarm protectors for all fencers are mandatory as an additional level of safety. The fencing club will have some in stock for use by individuals as needed or by those who don’t have their own equipment. Any underarm protector found on fencing equipment distributor websites are adequate for club practices. Investing in your own in encouraged and some options can be found at the following links: (Canadian company) (Canadian company) (American company)

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